Welcome to our first ever blog.

For us 2022 marks the start of some big changes so we thought we would make a blog of our journey and progress, starting now.

Let us introduce ourselves. There are three of us that run our small business on a daily basis we are (left to right) Dean, Aaron and Mark. We are live in the beautiful south west of the Uk in Bristol.

The back story

We started business in 2017 as My sweets and treats and with one sweet cart which we hired out for weddings and events. Over time we grew and added more sweet carts, candy floss machines and popcorn machines and everything was going great until the pandemic hit us all, suddenly there were no more bookings and we had to find away through this. We realised we have a whole room full of sweets, chocolates and fudge so we started our journey into the world of online selling.

We soon found that selling our products online was definitely the way forward for us and we have never looked back.

We're going through changes

Just like any good business we have to change with the times and keep up with customer expectations and trends.

2022 will see the biggest changes that our small bsuiness has seen.

First of all we will be changing our name from My Sweets And Treats to The Sweet Makers.

We, Dean, Aaron and Mark are also going to be more visible on socail media to make better connections with our customers.

A range of our products will also be found in retail shops and online as we expand and improve our wholesale supply around the world.

We are very excited to get going and first on our list is Valentines day!.

Happy new year everyone.

Thank you.

Dean, Aaron & Mark

The Sweet Masters